Pop icon Sabrina Carpenter made a surprise appearance on June at cult London coffee brand, Blank Street, to serve free coffees to Espresso fans…isn't that sweet?

Carpenter is a self-confessed fan of Blank Street which has taken London by storm since opening its first store in the UK just two years ago.

Earlier in the day, Carpenter’s impromptu appearance was leaked via the official fan account @teamsabrina where a photo was posted of the Charlotte Street store in Fitzrovia, London - one of 30 across the capital.

The post quickly gained traction and Blank Street saw hundreds of customers through the doors during Carpenter’s barista shift.

Fans soon took to social media to share their snaps of Sabrina serving them iced coffees.

Sabrina's surprise barista shift comes off the back of her performance at Capital’s Summertime Ball and the announcement of her new album, Short n’ Sweet, which is due for release on August 23.

On June 16, Carpenter also landed the top spot on the Official Chart First Look, with new single Please Please Please, also from the upcoming album, which is set to follow in the footsteps of her smash hit Espresso.

Espresso topped the Official UK charts for five weeks through May and June 2024 and was Sabrina Carpenter's first UK Number 1 single.

According to the Charts, it was the highest-charting song about coffee since 2000 and the All Saints hit Black Coffee.

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