Netflix's "The Crown" Series Six, the final season of the acclaimed drama, has just released its first part on Netflix, thrilling its fan base.

This latest installment, comprising four brand new episodes, marks the beginning of the series' conclusion, which is divided into two parts. The first part was made available on November 16th, with the second part set to follow on December 14th.

The show, known for its historical drama, spans events from 1997 to 2005 in its final series. Notably, it includes the depiction of Princess Diana's tragic death.

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This portrayal has sparked significant criticism for its graphic nature, prompting Netflix to aim for a more positive conclusion to the series. The focus shifts to celebrating the wedding of Charles and Diana, intending to alter the public's perception and leave a more favorable impression.

A source from Netflix expressed that this decision is meant to counteract the negative response to the depiction of Diana's death, hoping to end the series on a note that removes any bitterness from the viewers.

They mentioned that while the series has been criticized for heartlessly recounting Diana's death, causing distress to her sons, the portrayal of Charles and Camilla's wedding is intended as a celebratory and happy moment in the monarchy's history, fitting into the timeline of the King's Coronation year.

However, some staff members view this move as cynical, designed to prevent the audience from being overly upset by the retelling of Diana's tragic end.

In a notable departure from historical accuracy, scenes for this part of the series were filmed at York Minster, although the actual wedding of King Charles and Camilla took place at St George's Chapel in Windsor in 2005. This decision by the production team adds a layer of creative interpretation to the series' depiction of these significant royal events.

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