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'Fame' and 'Flashdance' singer-actor Irene Cara dies at 63

NEW YORK (AP) — Oscar, Golden Globe and two-time Grammy winning singer-actress Irene Cara, who starred and sang the title cut from the 1980 hit movie “Fame” and then belted out the era-defining hit “Flashdance ... What a Feeling” from 1983's “Flashdance,” has died. She was 63. Her publicist, Judith A. Moose, announced the news on social media, writing that a cause of death was “currently unknown.” Moose also confirmed the death to an Associated...

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There are concerts in the history of music that have become legendary events thanks to the huge presence of the public, paying or not. These are events with record numbers that are probably unrepeatable, which are still remembered today as unique concerts in history. Among these, the Woodstock festival or the concert of Queen in Rio de Janeiro in 1985 remain in the memory. Among the other concerts with record numbers of spectators, we also remember the performances of the Rolling Stone in 2006, always in Rio de Janeiro, but also of the Italian Vasco Rossi in Modena, in 2017.

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It's over 60 years since the first mid-engined road car was made, so let's celebrate the highs along with one or two lows…

The 13 Best Netflix Original Series of 2022 (So Far)

After you watch 'The Watcher', we have a few recommendations for you. In 2012, Netflix changed Hollywood when it pivoted from buying television shows from other networks to producing its own. Once the streamer really got started? It never looked back. It’s been nearly 10 years since Netflix's big move, and now we have a surplus of original shows and movies to choose from. We may not have recognized it back in the day, but Netflix Originals are the gift that keeps on giving. This year brought a mix of exciting releases, from the nail-biting Stranger Things to the heartfelt and funny Sex Education. Regency lovers enjoyed Season Two of Bridgerton, while those of us who love a thrill were welcomed into the creepy world of The Watcher. If you’re on the hunt for your next watch, or simply need a refresher on what’s out there, check out our list of the best Netflix original series of 2022. (So far, of course.)

Irene Cara Remembered By Colleagues, Friends And Fans

Irena Cara was considered a trailblazer in her career. Best known for her work in “Fame” and “Flashdance,” she was a veteran of Broadway, TV, music and film, and an inspiration to generations who saw a bit of themselves in her performances and aspired to greater things. Some reactions to news of her death:

Rules You Didn't Know Contestants on 'The Voice' Have to Follow

Singers don't get to choose their own songs?! Since 2011, The Voice has remained a fan-favorite singing competition, known for the hilarious banter between all of the A-list singers who've sat in those famous spinning red chairs. The premise is simple: If an artist passes the blind audition, they choose their celebrity coach and move on to the competition part of the show. If contestants want to bring home the $100,000 prize and a record deal with Universal Music Group, though, they have to work hard — and follow a set of rules. From what goes on behind the scenes during the battle rounds to the contestants' intense wardrobe makeovers, read on to learn everything there is to know about appearing on The Voice.

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Wondering what these cowboys look like out of their Stetsons? John Dutton might be headed to the governor's mansion in the latest season of TV mega-hit Yellowstone but his beloved ranch is still filled with familiar faces. Wondering what these cowboys look like out of their Stetsons? Read on for a look at the real life faces behind Montana's most dangerous fictional family. More: Where to Catch Up On Yellowstone

Queen Elizabeth II died with 'no regrets'

Queen Elizabeth passed away earlier this year and although she knew her time was limited, the monarch "accepted this with grace".

What happened to Andrew Lincoln after 'The Walking Dead'?

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Actress Nicki Aycox from 'Supernatural' dies at the young age of 47

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President Kanye West? Amid the rapper’s ongoing controversies, he is officially throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election. The “Stronger” rapper, 45, launched his campaign via his newly resurrected Twitter account on Thursday, November 24. (New platform owner, Elon Musk, reinstated West’s profile earlier this month after being previously barred for […]

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