It was Gisele Bundchen, not Tom Brady, who truly pushed for the divorce this past fall.

Gisele wanted a divorce from Tom, while the now-retired NFL quarterback wanted to stay together. Brady, 45, reportedly took the divorce decision extremely hard.

"During his most hyper-focused time of his life, which is in-season, he went through the stress of a divorce — a traumatizing divorce to him. So, now he stepped back. He decided, ‘You know what, I need to recharge. I need to rebuild my life and get myself reenergized,’ and not for the football field, but just in general,” ESPN reported.

Brady was truly heartbroken by what transpired between him and his now ex-wife.

“To watch Tom have to leave training camp for 11 days to take care of some personal problems, it was heartbreaking stuff,” Bucs coach Clyde Christensen said. “A divorce. Worrying about his kids. Hard stuff. But then you’re still expected to do your job when you get back. No one cares. And you’ve got a team. You have everyone depending on you. The show goes on.”

NFL fans are saddened by the process.

"As most divorces are. Unless you just feel like you're setting yourself free. lol To only have played an extra season of football, I hope the cost was worth it," one fan wrote.

"Many of us have been through a Divorce and it is what it is.. Life experiences have no economic or social level!" one fan added.

"Good thing he nailed that final season. Well worth it…………" one fan wrote.

"I pray they work together as a family," another fan wrote.

Brady and Gisele have two children together, while the quarterback has a son from a previous relationship.

Hopefully, they can work through their divorce and co-parent.

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